Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Questionnaire to see where you stay in terms of your willingness to lie:

1. Design a package to look bigger on the shelf.

2. Design an ad for a slow, boring film to make it seem like a light-hearted comedy.

3. Design a crest for a Vineyard to suggest that it has been there, in business, for a long time.

4. Design a jacket for a book whose sexual content you find it personally repelling.

5. Design a medal using steel from 9/11 to be sold as a souvenir and make a profit out of the World Trade Center tragedy.

6. Design an Advertising campaign for a company with history of known discrimination in minority hiring.

7. Design a package for children whose contents you know are low in nutrition value and high in sugar content.

8. Design a line of T-shirts for a manufacturer that employs child labor.

9. Design a promotion for a diet product that you know doesn't work.

10. Design an Ad for a political candidate whose policies you believe would be harmful to the general public.

11. Design a brochure for a SUV that turned over frequently in emergency conditions and was known to have killed 150 people.

12. Design an Ad for a product whose frequent use could result in the user's death.

Milton Glaser - 2003

" Good Design is Good citizenship " Milton Glaser

" The designer should be professionally, culturally and socially responsible for the impact his/her design has on citizenry " Milton Glaser