Sunday, December 2, 2007

Personal view.

By now you know what my interests are so far regarding the previously 41 topics. Till now I barely had a personal view towards anything because I really needed to see how this all works and moves and nevertheless 'feels' like... now I know.

So here are some things that I want to make clear from start with you, me and a potential-future-me and everybody else.

I don't write/post for you or for the potential-future-me nor for everybody else. If I write something down here I will(am) write(ing)/post(ing) on this blog first and foremost for myself(present moment-tense)... I lived this "comment-expectancy-phenomena" for eight months now while I posted the previously 41 topics... and really didn't like the fact that nobody wanted to comment on those topics ... as I assumebly would have expected... Of course I admit that this is(was)/was(is) MY OWN PROBLEM - no comment about that, but still is an globally-ongoing,-(developing-into-'normality')-, phenomenon... if you think about it.

here another question arose - If not for others why the heck do it? Why not keep a journal? .. a written one.

I have lots of journals - and still cannot logically explain why I am doing this... at least I feel like doing it. But if we were to explain all the choices we made till this point in life...( 4 shaman-lifetimes wouldn't be enough ). ... so, here I am- barely naked and legal - just going with the flow, stopping myself from explaining my actions and just posting stuff, filtered through the moment/instant/lifetime in the breath of the... present-moment-tense.

If not for me - definitely my future me will have a blast reading this stuff here.

Thinking about contradictions now ...!?

yes - hopefully there will be as many in my life as possible... I like contradictions - U-turns - Crossroads - and ...late trains - mainly because all the big systems are infected by this virus.

... but I don't live by contradictions, as contradictory as it may sound, I have an extraordinary life. ;)


My bows to Milton and Storm...