Sunday, July 27, 2008


I am back from a long break. Actually to be honest it wasn't actually a break, I kept writing, not here... but in my 'physical' journals. Even now and here - at this particular point ( when I have to continue this sentence/statement )I am thinking about - deleting this post or pressing the 'PUBLISH POST' button. ...It is a pretty hard edge on the tree of the leaves that leaves some trees onto the hills of the fallen leaves. The Hills Billies are leaving the hard trees alone in the fall to pretty up their leaves for the hill after the Lone Peak. I peaked through one leave that left me tree less under the hill while Billy was hard edged. When Hilly came to the tree my leave disappeared into the trees and went on the peak of the mountain where trees are free and hills are not bills. The bills were summoned by the hillbilly and the trees offered him their leaves in exchange for a peak at the Lone Peak Mountain. While being there the leaves cried out of happiness because they were together with the trees on the hill where Bill was sending his letter to the hill.The letter arrived after two seasons ... the trees were beautiful and strong, the leaves were green and soft in the morning light on the Lone Peak. The hillbilly took a moment alone to contemplate and the trees answered with infinite wisdom. The truth was heard only by Bill and as he disappeared over the hill, we will never know what the trees told Bill.

I hope that this is proof enough that I am back ( especially for my future self ).

All the best

Love to the rest