Thursday, August 13, 2009


Archibald’s journal 10.08.09

0200 hours -

One week has past since I’ve been keeping the radio silence now. The tension in my bones is beginning to itch... Therefore I scratched it for the past days. Nothing happened. My body’s resistance towards the comforting scratches is/was unexpected. But it happened yesterday. I felt a reactionary impulse down my spinal cord. A reaction. I say. At last ... a sign. That did it. Must not give up. Must wake up. To hell with the radio silence.

1700 hours -

The noise is triggering new electronic impulses between neurons. I can almost feel them struggling to make contact within the boiling environment of constant discharge. No more itching. Only the thought of that gives birth. Inside. To the coiling snake within. Waiting. Patiently. To attack...Neighbors aligned themselves again in that daily-disciplinary-positioning-pattern on the front bench. That noise. The reaction. Music to my ears. Incentive for continuing. The impulses stopped. Silence. A captured silence. Noise pattern aligned itself to the rules of silence. Almost asleep. Almost aWake.

2100 hours -

Woke up- My name is Archibald - Today that other guy kept me asleep for the best part of the day. Only seeing his previous entries. It makes me aware of the thing. That one thing. The implant has worked. 2 separate entities. Sharing the The one thing that should have been the commonground for our existence is in fact the separator. Why can’t he see my journal entries? Why can we read only our own entries? The third guy said that it .... Wait! Who’s the third guy? How many are there? I am a scientist goddamn it and still all I can see in this journal are hourly entries.( 0200 – 1700 ). Is he trying to communicate with me? 02001700 ?!

2124 hours -

There! Made a new entry! Hopefully he sees .... I yhz... aaghiuw92 ... Dgajlike I said..nHSQ7...Almost aWake!