Wednesday, September 16, 2009


- Hi my name is Bob, I'm a graphic designer

- Really? Wow, man that's really interresting! Since when?

- Well, I've been in the field now from 2005, so that means I'm in my 46th year since I started my studio.

- Really man that's awesome ... And?...What's your proudest design moment? Can you recall?

-Yes. It's clearly the year 2035 when I redesigned the new 'STOP SMOKING' icon ... It was a blast man ... that was ... like ... breathtaking.

-Wooooow!! I'm actually speaking to the designer of the 'STOP SMOKING' sign ... Can I have your autograph?

-Sure man! Here ya go...

-Wow, thanks man ... one other question...

-Sure, go ahead.

- Do you have a light?