Monday, April 23, 2007


" To progress in an environment(system) is simply to gain independence from it. Progressive and regressive lines are not an example and a counterexample of the same contradictory event but two particular cases of a more general one. REGRESSION occurs in condition of hyperstability and PROGRESS occurs under the pressure of enviromental uncertainty. We can breathe a sigh of relief and find reconciliation with the gut feeling that, after all, something happened between the appearance of the first prokariyotic bacteria and - shall we say - the birth of Shakespeare. " (Jorge Wagensberg)

" Writing moves words from the sound world to a world of visual space, but print locks words into position in space. Control of position is everything in print." ( Walter Ong)

" Texts and typography are receptacles for social and cultural meaning. As a vehicle for the dissemination of messages, typography becomes a fundamental part of the " grammar of visual design" and, as such, is central to the process of interpreting and mapping meaning.

The text is not just a form of visual and verbal representation but also a material object with distinct physical features which are, in themselves, semiotic.

A text is a material object and is a reflexion of any physical process associated with its physical production and use. "

" Spatial form in the literary discipline is an essential feature in the interpretation and experience of "descriptive or temporal space"."

" Learn to accept help from others. Learn to help others. "

" EVERY project, idea has the potential in becoming the best one till that time. In a normal evolution it HAS to be the best one." ( don't know who said this )

" The key is to think laterally, embrace the constraints, and think positively about the project." ( Dixonbaxi )