Sunday, October 18, 2009

05 Sept 2009

We are travelers, we simultaneously live an infinite number of lives. Most people do not realize it during their lives, they usually are content with what they see and what they perceive as deja-vu, chimeras, mirage, dreams and die happily after living this fulfilling life.

Not only when we dream we're living an infinity of lives in other worlds and other forms, but we're 'there' and 'here' at the same 'Time'...

If 'Time' is possible that is.

This is not a memoire of Who we are or What we are. I think it is about How[O] we are. We are more different than we think, admittingly or not we are also more alike than we would like to admit.

For us dreams are at best 'interresting' but reflecting on What they are did not get us anywhere so far. How they are or come to be, either.

They just Are... All living beings have them, all living beings share them.

I believe in dreams, not necessarily in their content or ulterior connotations I give them each morning... but more than that... I truly believe they are real, real lives we live, real identities we share, not more ilusiory/real than what we perceive as 'Reality' right now.

Everything is true, everything.


Within those lines I have just one question right now:

When/while we dream - what is there BETWEEN 2 dreams? (if one could think of them in a linear fashion) What happens while migrating from one dream to the other? How(Who) do we do that?

We are indeed Great Travelers, we are indeed interresting. We are Everywhere and at the same Time we are no-Where.


Like Maira Kalman put it wisely: " There are 2 things I want to learn in this life... How to live and how to die."


' One cannot prove with his mind, in an (cognitively)active state of mind, what is there between the dreams. How Big is that Space? How Long is that Time? How Alive is that Pause? How True is that Passage? Could we humans be only the carriers of the Pauses between the dreams?

Learning how to think like this ...

Definitely, just imagining it and thinking about it is our own limitation... that we must stop, in order to Be what Is...


" Why does something exist rather than nothing? " ( Leibnitz )

" For the being to Be, it is necessary that One is not. " ( Enneades )