Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Stefan Lucut and myself were invited to the Vienna Design Week Festivat at the Schaulabor to stay for 2 days in a logistically well equipped place ( KUNSTHALLE ). After 2 days we managed to fill up the space with 30 posters... here are some of them.

I want to thank the Romanian Cultural Institute of Vienna for being a warm guest, a strong supporter and a real friend during our stay. Thank you - thank you - thank you. Also the Vienna Design Week Team thank you for the warm welcome and for all the support.


Gabriel,Carmen, Daniela, Ioana, Alex, Erwin, Thomas, Tina, Christian, Peter, Silvia, Cristina, Raluca, Eugen, Stefan, Gabriela, Anna, Kolektiv, Albert, Markus, Jasen and everybody else who touched ground at the 'Sch(l)aulabor' during those days...