Thursday, August 7, 2008

The I inside

Forever and always people were questioning what changes and what is remaining over time. (Almost)None of them have drawn the conclusion regarding this matter, and thankfully - that is the first big(and important) step, because you cannot draw a conclusion, not in paint, moving image nor in words. These are all limited expression mediums (they are just expression mediums) . Even talking about this here feels like I'm drawing the portrait of God by adding meaning to a line i drew on a white surface. It's self-inflicting to think so but it's also self-indulgent if you don't think at all. If you think in words the limit appears already in our minds. If we are limiting ourselves by nature and change over time - we are then defined only by the white space we leave between the words we speak and think, and the pauses in our actions. But as a friend of mine said a while ago... Life is although.