Monday, July 13, 2009

[ A->B ] Well...

this should work (if I only knew how), but I will take it slowly and try to get to it one step at the time. First step (which is usually the generator for whatever will follow) is indeed pretty important because it definitely would not exist without the decision to actually take/make the step in the first place.

That decision (be it conscious or unconscious) now, is or could be driven by similar a-prioric experiences and actually be nothing more than a re-action based on your/our momental(at-that-particular-time)-judgment-system towards the-already-learned and lived experiences.

The momental-judgment-decision process is therefore a re-action - meaning that it is not a new place for the thought-bearer to be in- but that does not exclude other aspects regarding the improvement of the reactionary impulse through intuition.

Fortunately this isn't all that simple. But we still manage to make that step every day.